Session plans, courses, books

Session Plans

Subscription and other online resources from Youth for ChristUrban saints, Scripture Union  Engage Worship  and Youth Work Resources are all useful tools. There are more on the Links page too. These big para-church organisations also publish books, courses, Bible Reading notes and other useful resources, so be sure to check out their shop pages. There are also other publishers and bookshops online that are useful to check in with to see new products and ideas, such as The Good Book and Eden

Premier Youthwork magazine is a staple go-to magazine for youthworkers, est 20 years ago and it has lots of free online resources, session plans as well as interesting articles on current thinking in youthwork.

This website is a free resource, with loads of session plans of mixed quality, but there’s a lot ideas to get you started.

A brilliant little resource to have in your toolkit for youth work: YFC have produced a pack of Rock Solid Playing Cards full of ideas for games, prayer activities, discussion starters etc – brilliant!

Lent Courses for Young People

Follow Me is a Lent Devotional for young people, based on the life of Peter.

The Resource also has a FREE downloadable curated list of 40 Ideas for Lent & Easter


Confirmation courses

There are a number of different courses.

You could try Pete Maidment’s Are you Ready?

Youth  Alpha  or Youth Emmaus courses are popular but you could also try the Pilgrim course, especially good with very small groups, from traditional backgrounds.

Youth for Christ produce their Freedom for Christ course for Young People.

Confirmation books which can be given to or recommended for candidates include Your Confirmation  , Nick Aiken’s Being Confirmed Peter Jackson’s Faith Confirmed and former Bishop of Liverpool James Jones’ Following Jesus . Some of these are adaptable into group sessions but are not designed specifically for that purpose.

A newcomer on the scene is from Church Army – Faith Pictures which is a more low key approach for all ages. Worth having a look at to see if it would suit your group.

The Diocesan Youth Officers for Bristol and Bath & Wells have together created Live Life for young people, with videos, discussion starters etc.

Our Youth Officer Pete White has also written a Confirmation course, which is designed to take a longer time than most, preferably about a year, getting deeper into how Confirmees are becoming a full part of God’s Church family. For more information and to see the material contact Pete on

Videos and Discussion Starters (see our video links page for loads more)

Nooma and Ethos are discussion starter videos for the older teen.

Proost is a creative pool of animations, videos, music and other resources – for older teens and young adults.

The Bible Society have resources for discussing Christian issues based on a huge variety of films, Reel Issues

The Blob tree  is a brilliant all age discussion starter, particularly with those who struggle with reading or writing, or where there’s cultural baggage. It isn’t freely available but you can buy many different versions from their website.

Would You Rather…? Doug Fields (a book full of one line discussion starters – some a bit dated/American but a useful tool)

Jam magazine is good to have lying around at a youth café, or even at a Messy Church with older ones present, it is pretty relevant and good for giving a Christian perspective on current issues, celebrities etc

Bible Reading Notes

There are lots of Bible Reading notes for young people, including Discover for 11-14’s and Engage for 14-18’s

Scripture Union have lots of options for daily Bible reading, from magazines to apps

Youth for Christ have a devotional Guide to Knowing God


This new book has lots of prayer ideas for teens: The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook

The Magazine for Youth work in churches: Youthwork

Christian Youthwork in Theory and Practice Nash/Whitehead

Contemplative Youth Worship Mark Yaconelli

Dreamcare David F White

Brainstorm Daniel J Siegel

Bonhoeffer as Youthworker Andrew Root

Children, Youth and Spirituality in a Troubling work Moore/Wright

100 things for your child to know before Confirmation Kirkpatrick

Raising Children in a Digital Age Bex Lewis

Meet them Where they Are Richard Passmore

Rolling Magazine Games Book Pip Wilson

THE best games book in the world! Play It Wayne Rice and Mike Yaconneli (plus Play It again and a new, updated compilation of the two: Play It)

Publishers and bookshops online that are useful to check in with to see new products and ideas:

YFC shop