Week of Prayer

Humbling                          Hoping                              Preparing


A Week of Prayer for this Generation of Young People and the Next

Churches all over the Diocese joined together in October 2015 for an inspiring week of prayer for the young people in their Parish, and for youth work in their Deaneries. Various youth groups all over the Diocese joined in, and we encouraged those parishes that do not have young people or a youth group to participate too, as we mobilised the whole Diocese to pray.

Some examples of what happened:

Groups we know of who were involved:

At St Andrew’s, Kettering, the Connect service’s youth group used creative prayer, as did the Mother’s Union group

In Rushton, youthgroup creative prayers

At Rectory Farm, a Sunday service with prayer activities

In Long Buckby, a progressive meal

In Ringstead the Bishop visited a youth group

In Peterbrough groups met to pray

At St Giles, Northampton, they held two youth prayer services

In Deanshanger the youth group met for pizza and prayer

In the Tove benefice a new youth group met for pizza and discussion, alongside the Online Worship Gathering

In Isham prayer activities were held at youth group

At St Barnabas Wellingborough – the main family service engaged in creative prayer stations focussing on youth

At St Peter’s Oundle prayer board established

At St James, Thrapston they set up new youth group to take part in the Online Worship Gathering

In KingsCliffe there was discussion and a youth prayer gathering

At Whitefriars they hosted a prayer event for the whole church, and young people engaged in the Online Worship gathering

In Weedon Bec, they hosted the Online Worship Gathering

Plus lots we don’t know about or who mentioned to us that they used the intercessions…. Tell us what YOU did!

Are you willing to keep on joining us in prayer for young people?

* If children or young people are participating in a prayer event then follow normal good practice with regards to Safeguarding (if you have any questions contact the Safeguarding Team )

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