We all need new ideas to keep our youth work fresh, fun and engaging.idea

One persons old, tired, over-used game, activity, trip or worship idea maybe fresh and new to someone else, so we need to keep on sharing, recycling and generating new stuff as much as possible…

One of the most organic ways of doing that may be through our Facebook forum where you are free to ask specific questions of the group to hopefully help you where you are right now. There is a growing community of youth workers already in the group, with varying levels of experience in very different settings, please join and add your own unique perspective and gain the advice, ideas and in-put from the wider group.

We will be adding here pages with some ideas that we have found helpful, or that others have recommended, to try and build up a useful database. Please let us know of anything that we can add – we hope it will grow and grow…

There will of course be lots of links to other stuff that’s already out there. No need to re-invent the wheel, but hopefully we can be signposts for you, so that you can find what you need.

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