Leadership & Vocation

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Are leaders born or bred?

An age-old discussion but it is apparent that some children display leadership qualities early on whilst others develop later.

Either way we can all grow in our character and competence over time and with the right investment and support.

I wonder what’s your story? How did you become a leader?

I owe my leadership to the Boy’s Brigade and to leaders ‘officers’ who spotted something in me and pushed me through their young leader system – appointed NCO – and started being responsible for others, started helping to run badge classes and speak in the Bible class. When I was in university I got sent on a National Officer Cadet training scheme, 2 weeks in the summer over 2 years. It was a significant time for me, that changed my life.

How did it start for you? Who spotted you as a leader?

When did it start – how many as a teenager? Young adult?

When did you last spot a young leader who deserves that level of investment that you may have received or if not, would have benefited from?

We want to be a diocese that invests, trains and supports leaders from an early age.

So we have developed the Inspire programme, to develop yg leaders.

Aged 10-13yrs and 14 – 18yrs.

We are reviewing how we do this right now but our plan is to run training days to encourage them; We’re considering whether this is best done in parishes/deaneries,  together with older mentors or even incumbents/other leaders; in schools or as we’ve done before, in regular central events – usually a full day at weekends or holidays and then a weekend away for the 14-18’s.

We’re interested in working with anyone showing leadership potential – wherever they serve – in church, their school or community. Our next weekend is February and we’re open now for bookings. Please consider who you could send and how you can support them to grow as leaders. Talk to Cameron today.

One of the most important ways is to give real responsibility – load-bearing or ‘key-chain’ leadership i.e. keys are often symbol of responsibility, who holds the keys – either physically, with responsibility to access and for security of the building but metaphorically in terms of who holds the power to make decisions, decide how things are done, to direct others and pick up the pieces when things go wrong. Can you give that responsibility to young people?

Echo and Xpect

Echo & Xpect

This is also what our internship and Apprenticeship programmes are about. We want to offer a next step in leadership development by enabling people to spend a year gaining experience in a church ministry setting. This is not just about leadership but about gaining experience of church life and ministry as part of exploring vocation. Is this what God might be calling me to do?

So whilst you are looking out for young leaders, how are you also looking for those God might be calling into church ministries – lay or ordained. That’s what the Great Vocations Conversation is about and can I encourage you to sign up for that and commit to speaking to one person a month about their calling.

We are looking now for placements for next year for both Echo and Xpect so if you are interested please get in touch.

Echo is our general ministry experience scheme and Xpect is an apprenticeship in youth and/or children’s ministry. No age limit.

The Xpect Apprenticeship – only 2 dioceses offer this apprenticeship and we partner with the YMCA George Williams College to provide training. Our recent SDF grant you may have heard of means that we can offer those on the apprenticeship the opportunity to stay with us and do a degree-level training course in c&y ministry whilst working in the parish and deanery and then be employed after that as Parish/Deanery Youth Missioners.  8 positions.

This project is unique in offering a pathway for training and then employing children and youth workers. It’s also a key part of changing the way we work with c, yp and families in our churches, schools and communities as we’ll be working with these students to pioneer new approaches to youth & children’s ministry..

We’re excited about the potential this offers us in really investing in the next generations and growing innovative patterns of ministry. Please join us!