Gen2 Children & Youth Ministry Overview

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CHURCH Most of our work is in or through churches. The Parish church is the engine, its on the ground, its where the real work with people happens. So a core part of our work is Parish support – so, for example I am currently supporting the PCC of a church to work with their local school by inviting their Y6 leavers to a reunion party in Y7 with a Golden Ticket. I am following up from the Archdeacon’s Visitations/Articles of Enquiry where requests are made for help, I  have recently visited PCC’s and met with small groups to bounce ideas… Contact me if you’d like similar support.

SCHOOLS We can support you in ways to reach out to/work with/in your school. There are many creative ways for churches to engage with where the children and young people spend so much of their time; where in church schools they worship and experience Christian teaching.

FAMILY Recently we have been doing work and uncovering research on how churches can better support families in discipleship with each other. (see Chad’s Talk on Families at Home)

EVENTS Occasionally we are involved in Events – but in the main we have tried to make these local and resourcing for the parish church, rather than a drain and a distraction. Over the past few years we have run Deanery gatherings, often around a Fire, and always moving from host church to host church, to encourage those young people who may feel isolated in small groups. If you are interested in being involved in a local event, with your young people, even if you only have one or two, let us know.


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One of our key roles is to find, collate and share Resources, physically at Bouverie – we have stacks of craft materials, prayer activity stuff, puppets, books (we have brought a few along today). Come over and have a peruse. Here is an approximate inventory

PAPER RESOURCES We have resources that we have written or produced ourselves, talk to us about Firm Foundations, Golden Ticket, Grandparents Project, Do I have to Go to Church? and others.

ONLINE RESOURCES  And of course you can access lots of resources online,

MAILING   Through our new monthly Mailing – sign up now!! All the newest, most relevant, seasonal stuff we can find through our networks.

by email – any time drop us a line, website – check out the rest of the content on this site…

SOCIAL MEDIA  on social media we have a Facebook forum, plus a sharing page and Twitter feed.

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we are here to support you and your volunteers.

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Next Year, ALL NEW Gen2 Conference, a successor to the successful Starburst Children’s Ministry Conference, but for youth, intergenerational and young adult ministry too – lots of resources.

It may not be for you, but if there’s people in your parish who do your work with young people, or who you think may be even thinking about it – send them along!! More details soon.

MENTORING  We are also here to look after your children’s and youth leaders, we facilitate and run or sign post other ecumenical regular get togethers,  and we can also offer some one to one mentoring for your workers.


Vocations are very important to us and through our programme to inspire and equip young leaders : Inspire, we always have our eyes open to see where young leaders have potential. We have had a short break to evaluate where we are with Inspire but we have a weekend away for young leaders aged 14-18 in February (1st-3rd) and will be relaunching our Junior inspire programme in 2019 too

We are also part of the Young Vocations Champions team – keeping our eye out wherever we are for young people with a calling to ministry in all its forms.

INTERNSHIPS  Contact Pete White for more information.

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