Clergy Study Day 2018

You can find on these pages content that was delivered to the Clergy of Peterborough Diocese at the Bishop’s Study Day on November 15th 2018.

Gen 2 road lights slide

The programme for the Day – click on a highlighted link to go to more information, transcripts, prayers, links, resources, background reading etc.

Clergy Study Day
15th November 2018

10:00 Opening Eucharist
11:00 Introduction to the Day
11:15 Welcoming Children and Young People
12:00 Gen2 Children & Youth Ministry Overview
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Short talks
Including Children & Young People
What’s Working
Faith at Home
Young Adults
Leadership & Vocation
Presence, and Practice
15:00 Discussion/ Action Points/Feedback
15:30 Bishop Donald Closing Address
15:50 Closing Worship