Inspire Local

We are looking forward to creating and being part of lots of local gatherings of young leaders (aged 10+) around the Diocese.

The key words for these gatherings will be:






We will post and share dates and events as they crop up, but we would love to hear from churches and young people who would like an event near them. In the past we have held separate events for Junior Leaders and older teens but looking forward we want to be flexible and work around the young people who come forward in local areas.

Get in touch!

We have a vision for regular events dotted around the Diocese with a mixture of fun, training, worship, practical activities and lots of chat.

past events

Over the past four years we have been running central Young Leader Training events, with 10 – 13 year olds/ 14+ from across the Diocese, meeting up for training and fun days throughout the year.

We had a training day in October 2017. We met at Rushden lakes and spent the day reflecting on God’s big story and our own personal stories. Alongside this we had some fun on the lake and enjoyed a day of story telling, prayer stations and hot chocolate.


We have been running this strand of training since October 2015 and at our first event 25 young leaders met together, having been picked out by their church leaders as young people who lead or show potential to lead others.

The day was a great mix of fun and learning together, with real engagement and depth of thinking shown by all the young people. Their work on creating and taking part in experiencing Prayer Stations was particularly moving and mature. After this first experimental day, we were determined to carry on working with this age group and held a similar day in February.

It was held at a youth centre in Kettering, themed around the Wedding at Cana, with canapes, fizz, table plans and photos to greet them and a fun ice cream factory later in the day, plus a disco inflatable in the garden to let off steam in between workshops, Bible study, skills training and putting together a collaborative service at the end of the day.

Some members of this group then took part in Starburst, children’s Conference on 7th May 2016, continuing their learning and fellowship together and they also put together and led the worship for over 100 children’s workers at the end of the day!

starburst image

The next Junior Inspire event was on 5th November 2016 and was an amazing day of fire, light and darkness, deep moments of prayer and worship, balanced with lots of fun and silly moments – including some very sticky marshmallows!

Our second February event was in Kettering again, but this time we went bowling and we also pushed the young leaders out of their comfort zones, as we went out onto the street with an act of kindness and witness – sharing chocolate and messages of encouragement with passersby.

Our second year at Starburst in May 2017 was a fun chance for the young people to both spend time together as a group, playing games, chatting and hanging out, and interact with the day alongside the other delegates, honing their Children’s work skills.