The Golden Ticket inviting the Year 6’s to the Party/Event needs to be inserted into your gift: tucked into the front of a Bible or into the packaging for a bar of chocolate, or attached to a packet of sweets, or however you want to present it. Try and make it fun!

The Ticket is the heart of this project and so to ensure it looks as appealing as possible to the young people, I would highly recommend using Gold paper for your ticket. We have a ticket in handsupply at the Diocesan Office in Northampton that you can use or you can buy printable golden paper – check on Ebay or your local stationers. Or it can be sourced from Amazon (at a price…).

Get in touch with me becky.wills@peterborough-diocese.org.uk to discuss how we can help you with this.

The ticket template can be customised with your own details; church, school names, venue, date and type of party/event, before printing on Golden paper, or if you give us the details we can do that for you.

Download it hereGolden Ticket 3 to A4 sample front and back updated 2018 data protection printable

The reverse of the Ticket has a very simple form, but with vital permissions, information and contact details on it, to keep you and your young people safe, plus giving you information and contacts going forward.

The sample ticket template shows some of the key information needed: emergency contact and medical information, space for a permission signature and contact details, including email address. The small print section about all leaders being DBS checked and Diocesan Safeguarding policies being followed is good practice to share. There is also consent requested for storing data, which is required under law from May 2018. An opt out clause is no longer enough, specific consent is required to keep personal information.

Make sure you remind the young people that the event is by ticket only – so they need to keep hold of their ticket and bring it to the event, with the reverse filled out.

Some churches have chosen to give out two tickets to each person, one when they visit the school and do the research, to be filled out and collected in by the school (if they are willing) and then you have contact details and an idea of who might be coming and you can follow up with reminders over the summer. And one more on the Leavers’ Service day, which they bring with them.