Praying hands


Before you begin this project and throughout the planning and executing of the event, of course you will need to be praying.

Here’s a few ways you could focus your prayer and mobilise your whole congregation to feel a part of the project:


By Name

(With permissions from the school and parents)

Ask for a class list of first names from your school for Year 6 – you will need to explain to your head the idea for the Golden Ticket event, gain their support and interest, and tell them that you would like to pray for the young people by name during their transition time. Assure them that the list will only be used for prayer and for the gifts and invites at the end of the year.

If you are able to get a copy of their class photo, that would also be a great aide to prayer and a way of you getting to know them and match names to faces more easily too. Again ask the head and explain the purpose and never use or share photos without written permissions from parents.

A small group of keen pray-ers could use the list and photo to regularly pray for the young people and for the project as a whole.


If you have a spare noticeboard at church, you could make a prayer board especially for the school Year 6’s (updated each year), it could feature their work or art or photos (with permission). When they come down to church, they will feel valued and part of the church community already. Your congregation will be informed.

Prayer Spaces

If your school uses Prayer Spaces in Schools try and encourage them to have a space especially for the year 6’s (if they don’t use PSS why not suggest it, as a great way of developing spirituality in children in schools)

Regular Intercessions

Don’t forget to pray in your regular intercessions slots at services, encourage prayer in homegroups or maybe you could use it as a reason to start a regular prayer group for general Mission and Ministry in your church.