Whatever you do – the most important thing is that Christ is at the Heart of it.heart-with-hands

When you are welcoming young people in Jesus’ name, with a heart to see God’s Kingdom come, He will bless your work.

You may end up working with 1 or 2 new young people, or a youth club of 30+ but what is vital is that it is coming out of an awareness of Christ’s love for each individual young person.

Your volunteers, helpers and leaders need to be aware that they are ambassadors for Christ and can be hugely influential in a young person’s life and faith journey – even if they are just selling them tuck with a listening ear…

You may be running a small discipleship group or organising a regular football tournament, but both need to be open and transparent about who is running the session; people who are Christians, part of Christ’s family, the Church. Whether you explicitly teach or talk about faith, or your session is primarily a social get-together, the over-arching ethos needs to be clearly Christian.

And while you are listening to the young people and standing alongside them, you will be building on relationships that have been gently nurtured through their experience of church during primary school.

By making an effort to re-connect and keep the communication open we hope and pray that you won’t be saying “Good-bye” on Leavers Service day, but “See you soon”!

See you soon