Gen2 Project Team

Our First Missioners (Year 2 of training from September 2019)

Emma Kirby:

Placement church: St Mary’s Weldon. Deanery: Corby

Training College: Cliff College, Derbyshire

Specialism: Ministry with Children (Early Years and Primary) and their Families.

Chris Watts:

Placement church: Christ the King, Kettering. Deanery: Kettering.

Training College: Ridley Hall, Cambridge

Specialism: Youth Ministry

Stage 2 Missioners (Year 1 beginning training from September 2019, currently in placement)

Claire Reetz:

Placement Benefice: Tove Benefice. Deanery: Towcester.

Training College: Church Mission Society, Oxford

Specialism: Children’s and Families Ministry/Pre-school and Primary Schools Ministry

Lizzie Moesbauer:

Placement Church: Whitefriars, Rushden. Deanery: Higham

Training College: Ridley College, Cambridge

Specialism: Youth Ministry

Stage 3 Missioner (beginning Year 0 in local placement from September 2019) TBC

We have potential Missioners lined up in other Deaneries but there are still a few funded placements left to be filled. If your Parish could be a possible placement, download the Gen2 Parish Booklet to find out more.

Project Manager Alex Stockbridge
The first action of the Gen2 Project was to employ Alex as our Project Manager. He is happy to answer any of your questions…
Alex’s main role is to ensure that the Project runs smoothly, keeps to its core aims and objectives and that we learn from everything we do.