Clergy Kids Support

goldfish bowl

It can be tough being a young person who’s parent is in Church Leadership, and as the Youth Mission Team we want to offer support to help make that a little easier.

We are open to ideas – perhaps days/evenings out to get together young people in the same boat, just to “be” and have fun…

Watch this space…

At Greenbelt Festival a few years ago, we hosted a Discussion in the Jesus Arms called CHILD OF THE MANSE. It was attended by ministers’ kids of all ages and ministers themselves, thinking about how their vocation affects their children. It was enlightening and by turns painful and hopeful, as people honestly shared their sometimes difficult experiences alongside the many positives of growing up in a Vicarage. There was advice and ideas for those with young children or entering adolescence as to how to make it as positive as possible.

Good communication was felt to be key – keeping on talking and sharing as a family, and being open and honest when it’s tough. It was felt that neutral outside support would have been helpful for some and was welcomed by those who are entering that phase.

So, in Peterborough Diocese, if you are a child of a clergy-person, or a minister with school age children, get in touch with us to find support and link in with others like you.