Seasonal Resources Nov 2019

With huge thanks to Debbie Hill, our colleague in Ely Diocese, here’s a series of resources and ideas for this season. Click on the Links below….



Advent and Christmas


On your Marks, Get Set…

Do you feel ready to Go! for a new academic year? 
The Gen2 Team are here to support you, to cheer you on and hopefully equip you for the race ahead…
Remembering Hebrews 12:1-3 as our inspiration. 

Youth Ministry Training NEW for 2019/20

  • 10 monthly sessions exploring key issues in youth ministry and a robust theological response
  • You’ll get 10 session plans for your youth group
  • You’ll get resources to inspire your ministry worth over £25
  • Enjoy home-cooked food and the chance to meet over 40 other youth ministers

Youth Ministry Training costs £70 for the year, or £10 for each session.  Find out more and Book your place

Children’s Ministry Certificate Taster Evening
10th September 2019 7.30pm

Come along, with your minister or team leader if possible, to get a taster, meet the team and find out if this course can help you and your church to grow and develop your ministry with children and their families. 
Find out more, get in touch and book your places

Resources and Opportunities:

How can you support your local schools?  
With the one thing they all need help with…
Bringing the Bible to life
Walk Through the Bible  are bringing cut-price, local training to Peterborough in November 2019 
Find out more and join the team

The Little Worship Company have new resources for under 7’s including a big Bible curriculum for all sorts of settings.

Our Friends at Roots have a new season’s resources available for subscription. They are kindly giving us free magazine samples for those who come to any of our New Term Gatherings or the CMC Taster Evening on 10th September!

Keep up to date on current research into Children’s Attitudes and Experiences in 2019 with the Good Childhood Report from the Children’s Society and the Girls’ Attitude Survey from Girlguiding.

Does your open youth group need something to show your Christian distinctiveness in a low key way. Try a leaving a few copies of JAM magazine around. 

A reminder to make sure you are subscribed to CofE’s National Resource Mailings Child in our Midst and Word on the Street

Run the Race…with eyes fixed on Jesus

Summer 2019 Take a breath

Here at the Gen2 Team we hope you’re having a great Summer, whether you’re relaxing by a beach or in the middle of an active Summer of Children’s or Youth Ministry.
We love to hear your stories of Summer activities with children or young people so please share with us what you’ve been up to so that we can encourage each other.

New academic year. New opportunities. New faces.

At the start of the new Autumn term, we’re working in partnership with our Children’s & Youth Champions, other local Charities and organisations to host several Children and Youth Ministry ‘gatherings’ all over our Diocese. For more info contact Chad (North/East) or Becky (South/West).

Come a join us! A great opportunity to…

  • Press reset and get ready for the academic year
  • Meet and welcome those that are new
  • Share stories of what God is doing in our Churches and communities
  • Connect and pray together

Sign up for the CMC Taster Session 10th Sept here

Sign up for the all new YMT here

Top Tips!


At the Gen2 Conference some of our Champions bravely faced the 45 second challenge and shared a Top Tip or Key Resource. Here are those tips, plus extras from others who weren’t there or who didn’t fancy being got by the Nerf guns!! Thank you to them all – if you want to know more, get in touch and we’ll link you up. (each tip is a direct quote, with the author referenced below)

Get on Pinterest, so many great ideas on there!

Deborah R

I’ve recently run “Experience Easter” with Our Associate Priest and found that worked really well with our two primary schools.

Lesley T

My youth top tip would be karaoke! Make use of the church sound system, download some karaoke songs onto your laptop and have a karaoke session You can also use props like wigs, hats, glasses etc. Young people often feel braver to give it a go in small groups but it’s good fun and builds confidence. Also gets young people used to the idea of singing in church and may encourage someone to join a youthband/ worship group.

Sarah H

I guess my big thing would be the value of doing family visits where I encourage parents to bring up their children to know Jesus and help equip them on how to do this. There is huge value in meeting up with parents 121 (in my case with the Dads) to read the Bible together and share lives/encourage each other/be honest etc… 

Nick L

1) Don’t look for or worry about being the leaders that fit the youth worker image,  some of the best youth leaders I know have been the older ladies who want to make a cup of tea. They often are the most dedicated in prayer for the young people and overflowing in love.  

2) Dont let fear get in the way of a God idea, yes we need to be practical before we start a new project, but remember in our weakness people see God’s strength.  If God has given you a vision then he wants and wills it to succeed, your apparent weakness could be the thing that turns a young person to God. 

3) if you have at least 1 young person engaged and feeling loved, cared for and valued in your church you are doing great youth work for God and his kingdom.

Chris D

For me, children’s ministry is all about welcome. It’s being there for the children and families in your parish, young and old, and helping them to encounter the open arms of Jesus, regardless of their faith. It’s  sharing the Good News Jesus has for them in an open and honest way; people are in need of love and acceptance; Jesus’ love will do the rest!

Evie M

I am known as the cardboard box lady as I accumulate quality cardboard boxes of all sizes in our attic – they are invaluable! At Messy Church we have built boats, Batmobiles for superheroes, shelters for ‘travellers’, the walls of Jericho, barriers to seeing Jesus, etc etc. Dunelm are very helpful in supplying long cardboard tubes ( insides of material rolls) if you forewarn them and maybe collect on a Monday morning early. Mushroom boxes are handy for Easter gardens, the ‘sower’s’ fields in the parable, for holding supplies for craft sessions etc. Balloons are invaluable for indoor ‘physical’ games where space is limited.

Lesley P

My tip would be about ‘getting’ into schools and the easiest way is often to ask if there is anything that a church person could do for them, i.e. reading with children, making cakes for the staff room etc. I do think that once you’ve got a foot in the door, most schools are open to accepting more.

Anne Q

–          When running a group make sure you are set up before people arrive; have someone on the door who welcomes everyone & always make sure you say goodbye to every single parent and child

–          Inter-generational relationships are key to Sunday welcome… Grannies and Grandads are amazing volunteers & essential to the Sunday ‘warm welcome’ families need

–          Take your sandwiches and eat them with the school staff at lunchtime or go with cake / biscuits at break time.

–          Just because something worked well in one context and a book has been published doesn’t mean it’ll work exactly the same in your context – know your context, do your research, advertise and review

Paula C

If you have an installed a/v system for worship, consider a photo-roll of children’s activities before the service. Using baptism family photos at a Baptism, is particularly appreciated, and there are opportunities in the powerpoint liturgy to slip in a cute photo or two.

No a/v? No Techy skills? No problem? I hadn’t either! We used portable equipment and learnt as we went along.

It has made a tremendous difference to our family worship.

Sheila R

I’d recommend a book called ‘God and Me’ by Penny Boshoff : ‘A child-centred way of learning about God’s love’. It has 365 daily devotions based on familiar childhood situations. It’s great to use at home with children. It has a huge variety of subjects from sharing, feeling sad, caring for pets to parties and sunny days. Each page has a picture, a comment, a prayer and a bible reference. I also find it useful as a basis of ideas for ‘Teddies and Toast’ our pre-school children and carers weekday group.

Bren H

Watch them! See what they like, see how they respond to God’s love and just how they are.

Jesus said we should be like them so we should ask ourselves how we can be more childlike rather than wishing they could be like us.

More trusting? More exuberant? More active? Noisier? Just watch them.

Sue M

Faith at home is my passion especially as I have a 9 and 12 year old and the majority of our children at church are aged 7 to 14. Parenting for faith seemed a lot more natural and easier when they were under 7 but somewhere over the past 4 years they have changed our parenting has changed our lifestyle has changed. So my top tip is keep praying as prayer takes the confidence off ourselves and onto God and have faith God is watering our tweenagers as we try and work it out. 

Emma C

Sharing the Journey…

Gen2 Conference 2019 4 squares snipThe Gen2 Conference 29th June 2019
For EVERYONE involved in Children’s & Youth Ministry 

Kings Park Conference Centre, Northampton
9.30am til 12.30pm finish (optional extra hour)
Bring your whole team. FREE. Limited spaces.
Register your group through Eventbrite.

Book your places now before its too late!

Your chance to meet others with a heart for young people, children & families… we look forward to seeing you on 29th!
The Gen2 Team  Contact us

Heart for yp

Resources and Opportunities:

A FREE resource exploring the resurrection appearances of Jesus

Bereavement & Trauma Resources…

Young People and Mental Health. Just in case you’d not seen this brilliant website before…

An opportunity to join a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2020 especially designed for Families…

Young People Considering a Gap Year

An exciting job opportunity: St Lawrence’s Long Buckby are seeking a Children & Families Worker

thy kingdom come logo

Thy Kingdom Come is Here!

Global wave of prayer
Until 9th June.
Family Prayer Adventure Podcast…
Prayer event for young peopleFestivals.jpg

Soul Survivor 2019

Camping with others from our Diocese…

If you’re going to Soul this summer and haven’t already made arrangements to camp near other Churches from our area, then Christ The King, Kettering and Whitefriars Church, Rushden have said you’re welcome to insert their name in the ‘Camping Church’ box on the booking form. (Check weeks before booking)
Greenbelt 2019

The Gen2 Team are hosting the Youth Cafe in the exclusive Youth Venue at Greenbelt. Young people can come and join us there or over 16’s can join the team and get free Festival wristbands and volunteer perks.

Event on Mental Health (not an event focussing on young people but with much that could be relevant)

Mental health day 19th Oct.JPG

Turning towards the Light…

As the days get longer, the light brings joy & hope…
We see signs of hope all across the Diocese.
Be joyful & encouraged!

summer night

Cathedral alight with joy & hope
See more images and find out more about our recent Fire Church event here


The Gen2 Conference 29th June 2019
For EVERYONE involved in Children’s & Youth Ministry 

Kings Park Conference Centre, Northampton
9.30am for coffee & pastries, 10am start, 12.30pm finish (you are welcome to bring a packed lunch and stay til 1.30pm to meet others and visit the market place)
Bring your whole team. FREE. Limited spaces.
Register your group through Eventbrite.

Gen2 Conference 2019 4 squares snip

Resources to bring joy & hope: 
Pioneering with youth and children

Training event by Frontier Youth Trust and CMS  7th May 
New Funding Opportunity
From Persimmon Homes, for children’s projects

New Toddler Groups Website: 1277
New for 2019 a national network of church-based Toddler Groups

New Inter-generational Music
Brand new website with new music and thinking from the Out of the Ark family. Would love to know what you think! 

Youthscape Weekly Podcast
Interviews, discussion, perspectives on faith and youth culture from the innovative youthwork powerhouse, Youthscape


Thy Kingdom Comethy kingdom come logo
Global wave of prayer
30th May to 9th June.
New Children’s Adventure Map resource
Youth resources by Blackburn Diocese.
Prayer event for young people
Sacred Space: TKC 2nd June,
Holy Sepulchre, Northampton

thy kingdom come June ad

May 2019 flier


Lent thoughts from Chad

Lent 2019

Last weekend I took my 4 year old twins to the National Railway museum in York. The local schools were not yet on half-term, so the museum was really quiet. Nanny and the twins were fully immersed in the activity section, so I had a few quiet minutes to rest. I sat down at a table on the medic train and started reading beautiful letters that nurses had sent during the war. I was wearing my normal vintage attire, a faded flat cap and a very old and creased black shirt. A young couple came in to the carriage, by the sounds of their conversation I think they were on holiday from Japan. I carried on reading quietly, and sitting very still. Weirdly, the young guy slowly reached out towards me and then flinched and laughed (A LOT). It turns out he thought I was a wax work railway exhibit.

I left the carriage, chuckling and embarrassed, resisting the temptation to walk in a robotic fashion to further freak them out.

It is extremely counter cultural to be still.

So many of us have a propensity to fill time and space with noise and activity. We are addicted to productivity and consumption. We are slaves to the Pharaoh of consumerism. When it comes to busyness, our Churches often echo culture rather than stand against it. In many situations our Churches are making people too busy for God. Lent is a rare opportunity to stand still against the cultural flow.

The modern menu of Lent activities, courses, bible studies and initiatives is rich, diverse… and a bit overwhelming; ranging from ambitious commitments to 40 acts of kindness (engagement) to simply giving up chocolate (abstinence). I’m not suggesting these things aren’t good, I’m just reflecting theologically on their place in the season of Lent. Donald Alistair (The Bishop of Peterborough) recently said “If it is something you ought to give up anyway, then give it up altogether. If it is a matter of needing to reduce your consumption of something, then reduce it permanently – not just for Lent”. On reflection I feel the same way about activities of loving service too. Being a Christian means being aware of the Holy Spirit around us all the time, as we practice the way of Jesus in community throughout the whole year.

The Gospel accounts of the devil tempting Jesus in the wilderness were certainly dramatic, powerful and full of action, but sometimes we forget that this happened after 40 days of fasting.   So my question is this – where in the season of Lent is there time and space for nothingness? For silence? For solitude? For stillness? For winter?

Winter is a bleak season, but it is also beautiful, and necessary. It is a prerequisite for spring, and can’t be rushed. The hard winter frosts break up the soil and create the conditions for new life. In winter the Holy Spirit stirs under the ground. This Lent, could you consider that the most life-giving thing you could do is nothing?

Just be still in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

What does that look like for you?
Chad – Children & Youth Missioner (Diocese of Peterborough)

2019: events, training, residentials

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Here’s a couple of highlights not to be missed…

fire church 30th march 2019 flier

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gen2 conference 2019 basic 2

Gen2 Conference. 29th June 2019.

Kings Park, Northampton NN3 6LL 9.30am-1pm (followed by networking over (bring-your-own) lunch until 2pm)

For everyone involved in Children’s, Youth, Family & Inter-generational Ministry

Bringing together practitioners and thinkers to share current ideas and inspiring ways of being.

With plenty of helpful and practical tips, plus space to worship, be refreshed and network.

Bring your whole team. FREE. Booking opens on Eventbrite on March 1st

Speakers booked so far include Bishop Donald, Jason Royce, Anna Hawken… more to come!

Contact for more details



Its that time of year when we’re all thinking longingly about the Summer! Here’s a quick guide to some of the options for residentials for your youth group in 2019. Make this year memorable, meaningful and potentially life-changing for your young people…


And don’t forget there are some funding streams out there to help you…

funding streams snip

There are various pots of money to help you in your ministry with Children & Young People, or to help individual young people or projects.

The 450 Fund is available to support young people attending camps, pilgrimages or houseparties. The Beadon Young People’s Award supports young people aged 18-25yrs to work with a Christian project in their community, or with a Christian charity in the UK or overseas.

Contact for more information.

Youth Evangelism Fund  is a funding pot specifically to resource young people in sharing their faith.
The Burns Price Foundation funds adult-supervised projects that are for the public benefit and have a community-enhancing purpose.

Exciting Opportunity for Young Leaders in 2019


Inspire Weekend Away 1st-3rd Feb 2019InspireWeekendFlyer(FinalDesign)-1

If you are between the ages of 14-18, the weekend is a chance for you to gather together with other people your age at the Frontier Centre in Irthlingborough. The purpose of the weekend is to give you a reflective space to discern how God can use you to lead others in the different contexts that you are in. It’s our desire that you will leave feeling inspired and ready to step up and be a leader where you see the need for leadership. Leadership has less to do with age and more to do with vision.


In between teaching sessions, we will be taking part in many of the Frontier Centre’s plethora of outdoor activities, swapping stories and eating around the campfire, as well as having plenty of time to let off steam and make friendships with those around us.

There are a limited number of spaces so please fill out the application form below



Culture 2018

When working with children and young people, it can be really helpful to have an understanding of the culture that the young people are growing up in. Understanding the context which informs their behaviours, ideas and attitudes can help us to build bridges and find ways to communicate more effectively.

Though no report is a substitute for a conversation with a young person, these documents may give you some helpful background and a starting point.DSC_3445

Here are some links to wider reading on contemporary culture for children and young people. These include various Reports commissioned by the government and other agencies.

The Children’s Society Good Childhood Report

Anything from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner

Children and the Media

Children and Mental Health

Children and Social Networks

Childhood Poverty

Children and statistics

National Children’s Bureau

Girl Guiding Report