About Us

Generation to Generation.

The Gen2 Team supports parishes and encourages them in their ministry with children and young people. Pete White is Director of the Team, with Chad Chadwick and Becky Wills available to support the local church to fully include children and young people in all aspects of community life. We are here to resource, train, support, encourage and equip the parish church in becoming truly intergenerational in all aspects of ministry, so that “one generation shall praise God’s works to one another” (Psalm 145:4).

We believe that growth happens when all generations are engaged in being disciples of Jesus together. The Church of England’s report Rooted in the Church found that where children and young people are included, not judged, treated as equal and unconditionally welcomed they will stay and be at the heart of their local church family.

Contact the Gen2 Team at Bouverie Court to find out more and access their support.

Chad-Profile-BiogChad Chadwick (Youth Missioner for Peterborough Diocese)chad.chadwick@peterborough-diocese.org.uk 01604 887059

pete white

Canon Pete White is Director of Children & Youth, runs the Echo & Xpect intern scheme and is line manager to Chad
peter.white@peterborough-diocese.org.uk 01604 887044

Alex Stockbridge cropped

Alex Stockbridge is Project Manager to our Gen2 Project, a 6 year programme which includes training, employing and releasing 8 local Childrens and Youth Missioners

The team are here to help, advise, support, encourage, challenge, resource, inspire, facilitate, build networks, share their passion for young people and tailor it all for  individual churches personally where they are, with their own unique challenges and opportunities. Please get in touch!

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