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In the meantime here is a mix of ideas, news and resources for you to scan down and see if anything catches your eye:

RESOURCES RESOURCES RESOURCES!!! We’ve had a bit of a sort out at Bouverie Court and we’ve got all sorts of useful resources to for use in parishes. Pop in and have a browse or have a look at the loose inventory of items at the bottom of the Resources page: here.

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Youth Ministry Training logoOver 60 Youth Ministers and volunteers have attended our first two Youth Ministry Training sessions in 2018! The Gen2 Team have been working with local Youth Work Charity ‘Souster Youth’, based in Thrapston, to deliver Youth Ministry Training every month. Dinner is included in the price. Check out the Souster Youth Website for details and booking info or email chad.chadwick@peterborough-diocese.org.uk if you have any questions.

Links/useful resources/current thinking

The Going4Growth website has a really helpful list of Bereavement and Trauma resources that are worth familiarising yourself with so that in the event of a death or tragedy you know where to turn for helpful articles, resources and websites.

Chad has just produced an Event Management Guide for HOPE Revolution that provides a really useful framework for anyone that is organising Church/Youth Ministry events (at the bottom of the link)

The Lily Jo Project is a great online resource offering support around mental health, anxiety & depression, eating disorders and self harm.

 God & the Big Bang  God & the Big Bang is a team of world class scientists who facilitate apologetics events, looking at how faith and science can live side by side.

We are Family: a great research resource from the Methodist Church, now available as a pdf here

In the last few months Stormzy, Bieber and Snoop have all been producing music with clear Christian lyrics and themes. As you can imagine, the reviews in the media have been mixed, but (whether you are a fan or not) it is worth being aware…

As always – get in touch with the Gen2 Team any time by email, social media or phone, for support in your ministry to children, young people, young adults and families.