EXCITING NEW Online Worship Gathering 7pm 11th Oct WHEREVER YOU ARE!!


We are gathering together to worship and pray together as a whole Diocese on 11th October at 7pm – and you can join in! It doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re wearing, if you’re alone, with friends, in front of the telly, on the loo, in your PJ’s, with friends, family, a loved one or with strangers on a bus, in a restauraunt, a pub or a club – or even at church! You can be a part of celebrating the end of our Week of Prayer for Youth and join in our short service.

We will begin gathering with chat and sharing from 6.45pm on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, youtube and live on Periscope – broadcasting from St Peter & St Paul’ s Church, Weedon Bec, (on the edge of the village between the canal and railway) Northamptonshire, NN7 4ED – let me know if you’d like to join us physically, you’re very welcome!

Then at 7pm we’ll begin the service. It will be about half an hour long, with elements of services you’ll be familiar with, plus added online interactivity and creativity. You are welcome to “come quietly in, worship in peace and leave” or join in noisily and socially, sharing and posting with us, but even if you don’t want to post or share anything too personal or spiritual, it would be good to know that you were with us, maybe by using a “check in”, or just saying “hello!

The hashtag for Twitter is #weekofprayerforyouth which can be used all week too, if you’d like to share anything that you are doing for the Week of Prayer. We are @pborodioyouth if you’d like to follow us.

If you prefer Facebook, the page is here P’boro Diocese Youth

On Instagram we are pborodioyouth

Periscope is a Twitter app which is only on Smartphones but free for Android or Apple. Click on the Map icon and find us in Weedon, where we’ll be broadcasting live, as we lead the service, while you comment along or just watch us trying to balance leading a service over various platforms!!

We hope to see you at 7pm on 11th!

Week of Prayer for Youth in Diocese of Peterborough COMING VERY SOON!

We are thrilled that churches across the Diocese are joining us to pray for Young People during the week from 4th – 11th October.

candlesSome churches are saying the intercessions found on this page or this Collect as part of their ordinary services, others are doing creative and different things, and there are some ideas here

Your prayer can involve your young people, or it could be other age groups praying for those younger than themselves.

We would love to be able to share your experiences with each other – so please send us photos, or tell us what you are planning, or what you did – by emailing becky.wills@peterborough-diocese.org.uk or chad.chadwick@peterborough-diocese.org.uk or getting in touch via Twitter @pborodioyouth or Instagram pborodioyouth or Facebook via the Peterborough Diocese Youth Work Forum

We are going to use all our social media networks on 11th October at 7pm to celebrate the week together in worship – wherever you are, you can join in! So get following and liking and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

More info coming….